Research:   As an internet researcher, I can save you hours of time.  Over a few hours,  I do the research and provide you with concise information, including identifying links.  Then you can spend your time writing instead of searching.

Book Reviews:   A favorite of mine, I’m always happy to consider a book review.  While I specialize in mystery, suspense, and thrillers,  at Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine, we have reviewers for every topic, including children’s literature.

Product Reviews:  As with book reviews, we are happy to test and review products.

Interviews:  Today’s trend includes interviews on a variety of topics.  While I do like to include an interview as a companion to a book review when possible, readers enjoy hearing from people in all walks of life.  It’s a personal way to share your topic, whether cooking, travel, photography, or something totally different.  The interviews are published on my sites and/or on Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine.

Article writing:   Since research is a specialty, I write on many different topics.  Healthy living, Alzheimer’s disease and prevention, healthy foods, are among my favorites.  Blog content, a magazine article, product review information, books and authors…It is a fantastic way to learn.